Graphics for “Mauled”

I produced graphics and charts to illustrate the severity of bites by police K-9 dogs, many of which harm innocent bystanders, low-level offenders and even police handlers. The project, reported by IndyStar, The Marshall Project,, and the Invisible Institute, looked at extensive data on that put bites into context with race, age, seriousness of offenses and population.

The series was awarded the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting and prompted statewide reforms.

Graphic illustrates how a K-9 bites a person and what can happen if the dog ignores its handler and refuses to let go.
How a bite-and-hold maneuver from a K-9 unit can go from bad to worse.
Image of a title screen for the Mauled series showing a K-9 barking at a police officer.