Video & animation

Preview of a new boardwalk trail

A new trail explained in graphics This video accompanied a graphics-driven story I wrote for IndyStar as a preview of a new bo

How a call bell works

The inside of a call bell This was a quick, just-for-fun 3D animation I made a few years ago to show how a call bell works. I

A comparison of border wall fencing

These are 3D diagrams I produced for a comparison of border wall fencing that runs along just a small portion of the 2,000-mil

Graphics explain increase in crashes at Carmel roundabouts

A December 2019 IndyStar investigation by reporter John Tuohy looked at the safety of roundabouts in Carmel, Indiana. Since 19

A new amphitheater in an Indianapolis park

In July 2019, IndyStar arts reporter Domenica Bongiovanni wrote about a new amphitheater coming to westside’s Riverside

Monument Circle light display in Indianapolis

This video accompanied a story about the November 2019 debut of a nightly light show on Downtown Indianapolis’ Monument

Limited early voting in Marion County explained

This animated video from 2017 explored reasons why Marion County had only one early voting site, while surrounding counties wi

How to properly dispose of an empty donut box

These graphics and videos showing how to properly dispose of an empty donut box were borne of my disdain for office colleagues

How a bill becomes law in Indiana — explained by a breaded pork tenderloin

How an Indiana food mainstay became a legislature spokesman This was a fun, quick video I produced for IndyStar explaining how

Purdue University’s “World’s Largest Drum”

Inside the drum For an IndyStar video timed with the 90th birthday of the famous “World’s Largest Drum” at P

Fishers, Indiana: five areas that have changed drastically in 50 years

After lining up orthoimagery of Fishers, Indiana, from 50 years ago with present day aerials, I was blown away by how differen

Indianapolis Motor Speedway size comparison

This animated video was a response to the dozens of well-meaning size comparisons that look at what could fit inside the India

Rebuilding a forgotten Indianapolis ballpark

After finding a historical marker between the Indianapolis Zoo and the White River last spring, I set out to learn all I could

How bacteria can heal concrete

This animated GIF graphic accompanied a fascinating article by IndyStar colleague Sarah Bowman, who reported on a technology d

Testing the Chill Indiana bag

In Indiana, a state that only passed Sunday alcohol sales legislation in 2018, the right to sell cold beer at gas stations has

Indianapolis Colts video intro bumper

This is a branded IndyStar Indianapolis Colts video intro bumper we used for our game and Colts Insider coverage during the 20

How to pronounce proper nouns in Indiana

Adding the visuals This was a fun video to do with my IndyStar colleagues Justin L. Mack and Amy Bartner. We set out to correc