March Madness returns to Indy

3D illustration of a visual story I wrote that previewed the format, practices and COVID-19 protocols for the 2021 NCAA March

A comparison of border wall fencing

These are 3D diagrams I produced for a comparison of border wall fencing that runs along just a small portion of the 2,000-mil

Indianapolis 500 Dream Field

When COVID-19 derailed everything, including the 104th running of the Indianapolis 500, the Indianapolis Star proceeded with c

Inside Muncie’s North Walnut Street Fieldhouse

Built in 1928 for roughly $400,000, the Muncie Fieldhouse has hosted Muncie Central basketball games, volleyball matches, Comm

Recycling rates in Indianapolis and the Midwest

This 3D map of the midwest accompanied an IndyStar story about recycling rates in Indianapolis and the Midwest penned by my co

Some assembly required

This was a fun 3D illustration created to promote an episode of “The Drop with Justin Mack” that appeared daily on

Indianapolis buried under a garbage pile

This photo illustration showing Indianapolis buried under a garbage pile appeared in the Indianapolis Star and wi

Twitter reflects the good and the bad

This illustration was produced for a promo image for an IndyStar series I co-produced called “The Drop with Justin Mack&

Foosball in Indiana

Foosball … with a twist This was a quick 3D illustration — composited on a new rug in my kitchen — for an in-house promo

A look inside the Holy Family Episcopal sanctuary

Holy Family Episcopal Church in Fishers, Ind. Built in 1995, the sanctuary of Holy Family Episcopal in Fishers, Ind. is a depa

Antique Stay Puft Marshmallow tin

This was a just-for-fun exercise in imagining what the original packaging for “Stay Puft Marshmallows” may have lo

A lot of breweries

A 2012 Indianapolis Star article explored the openings and economics of several new breweries in the city. This 3D illustratio

Proliferation of club sports hourglass illustration

This appeared in the Aug. 3, 2014, edition of the Dallas Morning News with a story about the proliferation of club sports —

Multi-use drug

A centerpiece illustration captured the point of this story: popular drug Cymbalta, manufactured by local drugmaker Eli Lilly,

NASCAR robots

This illustration accompanied a story about heated rivalries that emerged among NASCAR drivers amid slumping TV ratings and de

Casinos in Indiana

The unique shape of the state of Indiana lends itself to playful illustration concepts. I built and rendered this illustration

NFL Newton’s Cradle

Illustration for an IndyStar Sports cover to illustrate analysis of the Indianapolis Colts’ chances in the 2006 playoffs