Information graphics

Graphics for “Mauled”

I produced graphics and charts to illustrate the severity of bites by police K-9 dogs, many of which harm innocent bystanders,

Preview of a new boardwalk trail

A new trail explained in graphics This video accompanied a graphics-driven story I wrote for IndyStar as a preview of a new bo

A look inside The Palladium

A 3D diagram of the Palladium concert hall at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, Ind., supported by visual reportin

A comparison of border wall fencing

These are 3D diagrams I produced for a comparison of border wall fencing that runs along just a small portion of the 2,000-mil

Graphics explain increase in crashes at Carmel roundabouts

A December 2019 IndyStar investigation by reporter John Tuohy looked at the safety of roundabouts in Carmel, Indiana. Since 19

Infographic: how researchers ‘field jacket’ dinosaur bones

Digging up dinosaur bones This graphic explains how researchers ‘field jacket’ dinosaur bones for transport back t

A new amphitheater in an Indianapolis park

In July 2019, IndyStar arts reporter Domenica Bongiovanni wrote about a new amphitheater coming to westside’s Riverside

Inside Muncie’s North Walnut Street Fieldhouse

Built in 1928 for roughly $400,000, the Muncie Fieldhouse has hosted Muncie Central basketball games, volleyball matches, Comm

Recycling rates in Indianapolis and the Midwest

This 3D map of the midwest accompanied an IndyStar story about recycling rates in Indianapolis and the Midwest penned by my co

How water towers work

These graphics accompanied a companion visual story to a USA TODAY series about the lax inspection practices for water towers

Limited early voting in Marion County explained

This animated video from 2017 explored reasons why Marion County had only one early voting site, while surrounding counties wi

Inside the Ebensee concentration camp

Inside a ‘forgotten’ camp This 3D information graphic appeared in the May 2, 2005, edition of the Cleveland Plain

How the Indiana Convention Center has expanded over time

The demolition of the old RCA Dome cleared the way for the Indiana Convention Center to add roughly 200,000 square feet of flo

Fishers, Indiana: five areas that have changed drastically in 50 years

After lining up orthoimagery of Fishers, Indiana, from 50 years ago with present day aerials, I was blown away by how differen

Veterans’ Glass City Skyway in Toledo

This full-page graphic of Toledo’s Maumee River Crossing — later renamed the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway — app

Centennial of powered flight

This two-page graphic was timed with the centennial of the Wright brothers’ first powered flight in 1903. The entire det

‘Opportunity zones’ in Indianapolis

These maps appeared with a November 2019 IndyStar analysis of so-called federal ‘opportunity zones’ aimed at incre

How bacteria can heal concrete

This animated GIF graphic accompanied a fascinating article by IndyStar colleague Sarah Bowman, who reported on a technology d

Why do freeways come to a stop?

As part of a series for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, this graphic explains the “Shockwave,” a traffic phenomenon in

How green burial works

Cutaway diagram shows the difference between a standard burial and a natural burial. I produced this for the Indianapolis Star

Impact of the White River

In September 2019, IndyStar took a look at the history and the health of the White River, Indianapolis’ principal waterw

Quarterback Suite at Lucas Oil Stadium

Appeared as part of a series of graphics timed with the opening of Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, in 2008.

Urban migration from Indianapolis

Behind the shift This centerpiece graphic appeared on the business cover of the March 27, 2012, Indianapolis Star with a story

A look inside the Holy Family Episcopal sanctuary

Holy Family Episcopal Church in Fishers, Ind. Built in 1995, the sanctuary of Holy Family Episcopal in Fishers, Ind. is a depa

The New Orleans Saints’ history — in Mardi Gras beads

Prior to the New Orleans Saints’ first-ever Super Bowl appearance in SB XLIV against the Indianapolis Colts, the Indiana

How the RCA Dome, home of the Indianapolis Colts, was demolished

Originally built as the Hoosier Dome, the venue served as home of the Indianapolis Colts for 24 seasons until its demolition i

Expansion at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

When the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis added its Welcome Center in 2009, it was just the latest in a series of addit

Preview of the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater in Fishers, Indiana

A look at the amphitheater This half-page graphic Preview of the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater in Fishers, Indiana. It ap

A new look inside the Edmund Fitzgerald

Exploring the theories of the Edmund Fitzgerald sinking Timed with the 30th anniversary of the deadly storm that brought down

Infographic: 50th anniversary of the federal interstate system

This graphic appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, timed with the 50th anniversary of President Dwight D. Eisenhower signing

How a superior mirage works

This 2006 graphic was based on a news clipping of a 1906 article uncovered by a Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter. At that time,

Chart: how Indiana compared in venture capital investments in 2014

When a ranking isn’t enough To emphasize just how low Indiana ranks in venture capital spending, this proportional area

How a wind spire works

This graphic accompanied a 2006 article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about a Cleveland State mechanical engineer’s tech

Inside a Cleveland courthouse

In 2005, the Metzenbaum U.S. Courthouse in Downtown Cleveland reopened after a lengthy renovation and modernization project. T

Opening of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Detailing the World War II Memorial This full-page graphic timed with the opening of the World War II Memorial in Washington,

A look at cover crops

Graphics and companion video explore a growing farming practice that helps soil retain water and nutrients while keeping nitra

Every Adam Vinatieri kick

This chart enumerates every kick of Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri’s career.

Inside a spectrometer

This look inside a spectrometer — or ‘super magnet’ — illustrates how it works and the ways in which researche

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

When the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene and Marilyn Glick opened in 2013, this full-page graphic offered maps,

Inside the Central Library

This large double-truck graphic, anchored by a 3D building cutaway diagram, detailed the work that went into modernizing Downt

Soldiers and Sailors Monument renovation

This diagram appeared as a cover centerpiece of the Indianapolis Star and detailed the 2009 repairs and fourth major renovatio

Trailer toxins

3D illustration created with LightWave 3D illustrates parts of common camping trailers known to contain formaldehyde.

Venue locations for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy

This full-page graphic in the Cleveland Plain Dealer detailed the venue locations for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy

Chart: a timeline of the Space Shuttle Era

Chart commemorates the end of an era This chart appeared on the front of the Indianapolis Star on July 8, 2011, when the Space

Indy’s new gateway

Graphic timed with the 2008 opening of the new terminal at Indianapolis International Airport.

How an industrial water purifier works

This graphic, originally published in the Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine in October 2005, gave an overview of how an industrial

Cleveland Indians’ 2005 season recap

This step chart tracking the Cleveland Indians’ 2005 season appeared over two pages in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It fo